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We are a team of consultants specialized in the processes of M&A in the staffing and outsourcing industry.

We know the latin american market deeply, its key variables, the opportunities and threats.

The expertise acquired in the industry for more than 15 years, has allowed us to build reliable relationship with relevant actors of the industry in Latin America, Europe, United States and Asia.

We work in the improvement of the key processes for the seller´s side and the most suitable strategy of start up in the region for the buyer´s side. As a result we achieve the right matching of supply and demand.

We reward the reliability we are given by our clients, accompanying them through the hole M&A process. We strongly believe that reliability is built taking into consideration the following values: Integrity, Professional Ethics, Confidentiality and Results Orientation

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The Latin American is one of the markets which has the highest growth perspectives in the world, therefore it´s really important to be present to take advantage of opportunities.

We are committed with the confidentiality and the effective closures of the deals and we believe that the challenge is to understand the sellers and buyers´ expectations to achieve benefits for both sides.
Frequent issues from the buyer´s perspective:

• Size of the targeted company: sales and temps
• Vertical markets with operations
• Positioning
• Fair Value
• Percentage of Shares to buy
• Strategy to grow: organic grow and/or M&A
• Gross Margin, EBITDA, Indirect costs
• Call option


During the last fifteen years we developed relationships with investors all around the world, who want to invest in Latin America.

We are committed with confidentiality and success of the deals, and we believe that the challenge is to effectively understand buyers and sellers expectations, with benefit for both parts.
Frequent concerns from sellers’ perspective:

• Participation after purchase
• Executive positions
• Power to decide
• Put option
• Continuity of the indirect staff